Drivers are now banned from making a "dangerous" U-turn on a busy dual carriageway.

Tim Williams has worked with Hertfordshire County Council to have the new signs put it on the A405 on the outskirts of Watford.

Cllr Williams, who is a county councillor for the area, says he requested the banning of U-turns where Greenwood Drive meets the A405.

He said: "This junction on the A405 is busy and has a high rate of accidents occurring on it, and many local residents highlighted that recently there’s been a high increase of vehicles completing dangerous u-turns here, which added to highway safety concerns.

"I've even seen a lorry doing a U-turn here, and having misjudged the turn, ended up doing a three-point turn in the middle of the A405.

"If vehicles require to turn around then they can do so slightly further along the A405 at either the longabout or the A41/A405 roundabout."

Watford Observer:

The new signs were installed last week and have been paid for by Cllr Williams' highways budget.

Councillor Williams added "this is a step towards addressing highway safety concerns along this stretch of the A405", particularly "constant and unnecessary" speeding.

The councillor added: "Despite the petition presented to the county council in February 2017 asking for road safety measures, nothing substantial has occurred and excessive speeding was a key issue highlighted in the road safety report completed in 2018 and still continues."