Readers have been recalling some of the lost landmarks they most miss in Watford.

Members from the Watford Observer Nostalgia Facebook page were keen to let others know exactly what they miss from the town’s past and what they had a particular fondness for.

Below are some of the landmarks members would love to be able to experience once again.

Cassiobury Park Gates

Watford Observer:

These popular gates were mentioned by quite a few people. Built in the early 1800s, the gates, which joined a pair of gatehouses, marked the entrance to the carriageway drive leading up to Cassiobury House.

Though spectacular, they were demolished in 1970 to facilitate expansion works on Rickmansworth Road.

According to an information page on Cassiobury Park, a letter reported that the gates were taken down brick by brick and may have unofficially been sold on.

The Rickmansworth Road entrance was refurbished in 2016 as part of a restoration project funded by the Heritage Lottery Fund, Big Lottery Fund, and Watford Borough Council

Watford Market

Watford Observer:

Most people will remember the old Watford Market.

It had been placed in Charter Place, which was based on High Street next to the Harlequin Centre.

The area had opened in 1976 and the market had been placed there for more than 30 years but was moved on in 2014 to make way for the intu Watford expansion.

John Lewis

Watford Observer:

John Lewis may have only just gone Watford, but it is still very much missed among residents.

The department store has a history in Watford dating back to 1880, when it was known as Trewins.

In 2001 it was rebranded into John Lewis and opened in Watford’s town centre shopping mall and became popular with people in the town.

So popular that after it closed down in the town in July earlier this year, a petition calling for it to be saved was signed by more than 10,000 people.

Unfortunately, it does not look like John Lewis will reopen in Watford and what will replace it is yet to be confirmed.

Baileys Nightclub

Watford Observer:

Back in the 70s people used to go to Baileys for a good night out in Watford – even Elton John performed there once.

Back in 2010, one reader, Julie Addison, recalled memories of the nightclub in the town centre.

She said: “The thing I recall about Baileys is that in all the time I went there I never ever saw any fights or trouble, not like the nightclubs these days.

“I wonder how many people will recall the good times we had at Baileys.”

Let us know in the comments which lost landmarks you miss.