I was familiar with Stan Freeman's music shop in Queen's Road, Watford, over many years without being one of regulars who met there to chat and play chess. I therefore found your recent article about Stan most interesting as I knew little of all that he had been involved with longer ago.

More recently I'd seen much more of him and his shop as I'd spent several hours a week at the nearby woodwork project, part of the New Hope Trust. He even helped me sometimes when I was trying to do something needing a bit more thought than usual.

However when the time came to close the shop, life changed for many and of course even more so when he passed away.

I assumed that the shop would start a new life but when I walked past last week a very sad sight met my eyes. I'd seen it looking empty and forlorn but this was something else. Not just the grimy windows I'd noticed before. This time the pavement was strewn with garbage which obviously belonged elsewhere and it seemed there was noone to do anything about it.

I am in contact with one or two of Stan's old friends but would dearly like to hear from anyone in a position to do something about this sorry state of affairs. I don't think Warren Anthony in Market Street would mind if anyone would like to get in touch through them. I can't believe there is nothing that can be done.

Bob Maddox

By email