Much has changed in Watford over the years and thanks to an old publication we can give a visual insight into how much it altered between two points in time - and bring back memories for many of you.

Roger Middleton is part of the Watford Observer's nostalgia Facebook group 'We grew up in Watford' and he shared these newspaper cuttings with other members on the site.

They were taken from a magazine called 'Past and Present - A History in Pictures' - that was published with the Watford Observer in 1994.

It shows various locations in and around town in that year and offers a visual comparison with how they also looked primarily in 1966, although some of the images do date from earlier.

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Sadly we are unable to access our photographic archive currently, but scroll through the ten cuttings on this page and see how the High Street, The Parade and the Town Hall roundabout changed between these dates.

The pictures are accompanied with the original captions from 1994 and we'll publish some more extracts from the magazine tomorrow.

Watford Observer:

1994: During the seventies Cawdells made way for the entrance of Charter Place, complete with the towering YMCA building. Midland Bank, an archaeological masterpiece amidst all that concrete, thankfully survived

Watford Observer:

1950s: A tuppeny-ha'penny omnibus ride would take you all the way from Bushey Arches to the Town Hall roundabout and back​

Watford Observer:

1994: The Town Hall roundabout has made way for an underpass to help Rickmansworth Road coped with increased traffic 

Watford Observer: 1966: Carefully manicured shrubs and lawns made the Pond in The Parade, Watford, a green island in the town centre​

Watford Observer: 1994: The Pond survives and now offers shade from mature tress and seats for weary shoppers. The Parade is now pedestrianised

Watford Observer:

1966: Looks familiar? The National Provincial Bank once occupied this prime high street frontage and next door was yet another famous old pub, The Green Man, now sadly closed

Watford Observer: 1994: Take two. The National Provincial Bank became the National Westminster Bank, which has since moved, but this High Street view 30 years on is not too different​

Watford Observer:

1966: The view down the High Street was dominated by the timber-beamed facade of the Compasses public house on the right

Watford Observer:

1994: The timber beams remain but the pub has gone. The mature trees now hide the former Lloyds Bank building​