Last year may be one that many of us wish to forget but it did provide some images that we recall fondly.

Whether it was enjoying some family time indoors during lockdown or savouring a walk in the countryside when restrictions were eased, many of us will have picked up our camera or phone to capture those moments that may have felt a bit more special than usual.

We asked members of the Watford Observer Camera Club to select a favourite photo either they had taken, or someone else had posted in the Facebook-based group during the last 12 months.

In addition to Robert Stapleton's image of some flamingos that are casting a pink reflection in the water of their black and white selves at the top of this page, scroll through this selection of favourite pictures together with the names of those who took them.

If you would like to share your photos with our readers, ask to join the Camera Club via this link

Lynda Bullock

Watford Observer: Lynda BullockLynda Bullock

Anita Crawley

Watford Observer: Anita CrawleyAnita Crawley

Stephen Danzig

Watford Observer: Stephen DanzigStephen Danzig

Millie Halladey

Watford Observer: Millie HalladeyMillie Halladey

Haragopal Lingam

Watford Observer: Haragopal LingamHaragopal Lingam

Raluk Nemteanu

Watford Observer: Raluk NemteanuRaluk Nemteanu

Maria Whitlock

Watford Observer: Maria WhitlockMaria Whitlock