There are so many awful things happening at the moment that it seems important to reflect sometimes on the very special and heart-warming efforts that are being made to help us through.

Top of the list for those of us who can get to Cassiobury Park must be the Cha experience.

I am sure I speak for dozens, if not hundreds of us who have been able to spend time at The Cha Cafe and feel so safe. Mandy and Brian and the team work extremely hard to welcome everyone with smiles, an attractive table with flowers or Christmas decorations and always an enquiry as to how we are... even a quick chat if they are not completely run off their feet.

Whether we are on our own or with someone, a real community spirit has built up. Everyone feels able to chat or just smile with those around them and in that way there has been an important ‘sharing’ part of their day. This has been so important for those for whom social contact has been severely curtailed. Plus the food and drinks are always beautifully fresh and delicious and carefully prepared.

Sadly, as I write, the Cha is closed. The team there take very seriously all the risks that change from day to day. Let’s hope they can open soon and we can all get together again. Meanwhile, we hope those who have worked so hard and so willingly over the past months can have some well earned rest. Huge thanks to you all.

Victoria and Martin Matthews

Rickmansworth Road, Watford