The winter weather may be doing little to lift the gloom of lockdown but the days are getting longer and the ramping up of the vaccination programme means there is light at the end of the tunnel.

‘New year, new hope’ is the current theme for our Camera Club and members and our talented photographers have been continuing to capture scenic or wildlife images to illustrate there is hope in these difficult times. Scroll through to see this week's selection.

The Watford Observer Camera Club is a Facebook-based group. It is open to all photographers – from those who snap pictures on their phones, to professionals who capture perfect shots with specialist equipment.

Every month, the camera club is set a new challenge, a theme is selected and then the work starts.

Search for Watford Observer Camera Club on Facebook.

Ask to join the group and we’ll accept you.

In addition to Stephen Danzig's image at the top of this page literally showing light at the end of one tunnel, this week’s selection of images are from:

Johanne De Luca

Watford Observer: Credit: Johanne De LucaCredit: Johanne De Luca

Edith Faron

Watford Observer: Credit: Edith FaronCredit: Edith Faron

Kelly Harding

Watford Observer: Credit: Kelly HardingCredit: Kelly Harding

Richie Hows

Watford Observer: Credit: Richie HowsCredit: Richie Hows

Ionut Murariu

Watford Observer: Credit: Ionut MurariuCredit: Ionut Murariu

Manmohan Panda

Watford Observer: Credit: Manmohan PandaCredit: Manmohan Panda

Amanda Ramsay

Watford Observer: Credit: Amanda RamsayCredit: Amanda Ramsay

Robert Stapleton

Watford Observer: Credit: Robert StapletonCredit: Robert Stapleton