Neighbours have slammed a planned a 5G phone mast as “an eyesore” and a danger to traffic.

Cornerstone, who manage planning applications for major UK telecommunication operators, have submitted plans with Vodafone to install a 17.5-metre mast with a new lamp fixture at the junction of James Close and Aldenham Road in Bushey.

This would replace a 15-metre street lamp, while three cabinets would also be installed as part of the application.

The application, which has been submitted to Hertsmere Borough Council, is intended to provide improved 2G, 3G, 4G and new 5G connectivity.

But locals objected to the plans, having concerns over the visual impact it could have and that the mast and cabinets could block the view for traffic coming in and out of James Close and on Aldenham Road.

Residents also feel that there are more suitable sites for the mast and cabinets than by homes and near locally listed properties.

Cornerstone says the site has been designed to “fit in” with the local street scene while the cabinets would be placed to the back of the verge to ensure no views of the road are obstructed.

But Karen Finegold, the director of the Bennetts Field Residents Association, said the mast would be an “eyesore”.

She said: “This is not in keeping with the area. There are many sites that would be more appropriate."

She added: “When turning right outside of James Close, cars would not be able to see round this obstruction as there is also a bus stop. It will be very dangerous and I think it would cause more problems.”

Another resident, Lucy Kinna, who lives in Aldenham Road, said: “It’s a nice part of Bushey. It’s not in an ideal position and I am sure there are other places that could be considered better for it.”

Paul Richards, Bushey North councillor for Hertsmere Borough Council, added that the “scale of what is being proposed is not suitable at all for the residential nature of the area”.

While not against "improved" mobile infrastructure, Cllr Richards agreed with residents that the plans were "out of character" with the area and that there are potential road safety concerns.

He said that he would act as a “community advocate” for residents if the plans are called into the planning committee.

A spokesperson from Cornerstone said: “Cornerstone have proposed a site at Aldenham Road to improve our 2G, 3G and 4G services and ensure our customers have strong and reliable coverage.

"At the same time, we plan to introduce 5G which we are currently rolling out across the UK. It offers faster speeds and stronger signals in busy areas. The site has been designed to fit in with the local street scene with the cabinets placed to the back of the verge to ensure no views of the road are obstructed.”

To see the planning application click here. The reference number is 21/0115/PD56O.