These adorable rabbits at the National Animal Welfare Trust are looking for ‘somebunny’ to love.

Hello, my name’s Dandelion and I’m a beautiful three-year-old girl. A Continental Giant crossbreed, I’ll need a large enclosure and lots of space to exercise. I can live indoors or outdoors with a large, neutered male of a similar size and age for company.

I might be shy when we first meet but, once I know you, I enjoy being stroked. Like most rabbits, I don’t like being picked up but if you play with me on my level, I’m very sociable. I love my food and I’m a clever girl, so I eat all my meals from food puzzles. My favourite thing is sitting in my cardboard box.

And I’m Skippy, a sweet four-year-old boy. I’m a house rabbit so need to live indoors with a neutered girl rabbit a similar size and age as me for company.

My fur is so long it may have been uncomfortable for me to be stroked as it can get quite knotted. I need grooming daily but am a good boy and sit patiently while the humans brush me.

Although I’m friendly, I can be nervous and may run away when you approach me until I know you better.

We can both live with adults or families with children of any age, but grown-ups must do the handling.

If you can give either of us a loving home, please email or call 0208 950 0177 (option 2) to arrange a visit.