A community is in line to receive more life-saving equipment for people suffering from a cardiac arrest.

Parish councillors have been seeking to increase the number of defibrillators in South Oxhey, with two on the estate currently.

Locations mooted for new defibrillators include shopping parades in Prestwick Road, Little Oxhey Lane, and Hallowes Crescent, as well as the Tesco Express petrol station and the Co-op in Carpenders Park.

At the moment, there are defibrillators at Watford Rural Parish Council's hall in Oxhey Drive and at the police station, also in Oxhey Drive.

Housebuilders of the South Oxhey estate regeneration, Countryside, were approached by council for funding for three new defibrillators medical equipment, which has been secured. As many as five new defibrillators could be introduced.

The existing defibrillator at the parish council is likely to be moved to Oxhey Hall Community Centre in Hampermill Lane.

Labour councillor Joan King, chairman of the council, has welcomed the new funding, while community campaigner Clare Feahy has described it as a "very positive move."