A family believe this stunning photo captured the moment a meteor blazed across the sky above Watford.

The glowing streak was spotted by brother and sister Jesse and Gracie Michaelson while they were in Costco car park in Hartspring Lane, Watford, at around 5.30pm on Tuesday, March 2.

The duo, 11 and 12, had been sitting in the car with their Dad while waiting for their Mum Gabriela to return from shopping.

But as they were waiting, Jesse and Gracie saw an object fly over them and decided to snap a photo of it.

The picture shows the meteor looking like a fireball as it blazed across the sky.

Gracie said: “We could see it for quite a while as it was falling, it lasted for a few minutes.

“We are very lucky we saw this as it was a spectacular view, and we will probably never see anything like this again.”

Gabriela added that after her kids snapped the photo, they sent it to her as she was shopping.

She said: "I am sure it is something you can only see once in a lifetime if you are lucky."

This comes after people throughout the UK reported seeing several shooting stars showering across the darkened skies on Sunday evening.

Some described hearing a “sonic boom” moments before the meteor shower at around 9.54pm.

UK Meteor Network's Twitter site account wrote on Sunday evening: "We have received 60 fireball reports this evening."