Three men have been found guilty of killing a man and injuring another man.

Leon Maxwell, 38, from Watford, died from a single gunshot wound following the attack in north London in 2018.

The second man, who cannot be identified for legal reasons, was injured but made his way to a nearby hospital and survived, the Old Bailey heard.

On Friday, Irwin Constable, 20, of Watford, and Saharded Hassan, 28, and Rajae Heslop, 21, both from north London, were found guilty of murder and attempted murder.

During their trial, prosecutor Alan Kent QC had told how the victims were shot at close range as they sat in a car at about 8.50pm on May 1 2018.

He said: "One of the bullets that was fired from the gun hit Leon Maxwell in the body. It passed through his lung and he died at the scene shortly after the infliction of that injury. He had been sitting in the front passenger seat."

The man in the driver’s seat was hit by a single shot to the torso, the court heard.

Mr Kent said: "He got out of the car, ran to a local taxi station, taking a taxi to the nearest hospital, was treated and survived his wound."

The attackers were wearing motorcycle crash helmets, having arrived on a stolen moped.

Mr Kent said: "The pillion passenger got off the back, fired the gun and whilst he was doing that the driver turned the bike around. The gunman got back on and off they sped."

He said the gunman fired five shots, including the two that hit the victims, including Maxwell, a music producer and songwriter.

Investigators tracked the movements of the stolen moped on CCTV and gathered telephone evidence.

The evidence showed the two men on the moped were Constable and Heslop – while Hassan was the prime organiser, the court heard.

The defendants, who denied the charges, were remanded into custody to be sentenced on March 26.