Hundreds of Watford fans have gathered in the town centre to celebrate the club’s promotion to the Premier League.

The Hornets secured themselves an immediate return to the top-flight after their relegation last season following their 1-0 win at Vicarage Road against Millwall this afternoon.

And pictures and video show delighted fans have begun celebrations, with people chanting and dancing around the pond whilst some have jumped into it.

Smoke bombs have also been let off in the town centre as fans celebrate Watford going up to the Premier League.

Watford Observer: Fans in the pondFans in the pond

Watford Observer: Fans celebrating Fans celebrating

Reporter Nathan Louis went down to the scene to give people a live glimpse at the atmosphere in the town centre.

Plenty of people can be seen partying, although not much social distancing can be seen taking place around the pond and not many people are wearing a face mask despite fans being warned earlier this week to not breach coronavirus regulations.

Litter has also been chucked into the pond and can also be seen scattered around it.

Watford Observer:

In a statement issued during the celebrations, Hertfordshire Constabulary has urged people to follow coronavirus rules.

There are police officers in the town centre observing the celebrations from a distance, although crowds have not been broken up.

Watford Observer:

Watford Observer:

A police spokesperson said: "We completely understand fans’ desire to mark the occasion; however, we would ask that people please remember the current climate and the importance of continuing to recognise the measures that are in place to help stop the spread of coronavirus.

"We have all worked so hard over the past year to reduce infections across the county and we want to do all we can to build on this and work towards the next roadmap dates of 17 May and eventually, 21 June."

Fans happy about Watford promotion

Some happy fans have spoken to the Watford Observer about their thoughts on Watford getting promoted to the Premier League.

Among them are brothers Charlie and Alex Martindale.

Watford Observer: Charlie and Alex MartindaleCharlie and Alex Martindale

Charlie said: "There was so much pressure on the players to do it today but they have done it."

He added: "The Championship is a tough league to get out of so to do it first time is a solid effort, so I cant believe it."

Watford Observer:

Gavin Smith and his grandson Parker are also in the town centre to mark Watford's promotion back to the Premier League.

Watford Observer: Gavin Smith and his grandson, ParkerGavin Smith and his grandson, Parker Gavin said he is "very happy" that Watford are going up and wanted his grandchild to witness the atmosphere as he had not been to any games.