An upcoming by-election in Bushey will be hotly contested as the Liberal Democrats aim to defend a seat they won for the first time in more than ten years.

Following the resignation of Andrew Melville, who has moved away from the area, a Bushey North seat at Hertsmere Borough Council is up for grabs.

Two golf courses in Bushey have dominated the headlines in recent weeks with redevelopment proposals unveiled for both Bushey Country Club and Bushey Hall Golf Club.

We take a look at who is hoping to win your vote in the election on Thursday, May 6.

John Barrett, Labour

Mr Barrett is a long-standing resident of Bushey who says he knows the issues facing the community and is "committed" to listening to its concerns. Despite being a Watford season ticket holder, Mr Barratt says he is "totally opposed" to the development on Bushey Hall Golf Club.

He says other issues he would strive to tackle include managing commuter parking, pushing for more social housing, fixing street lighting and getting cleaner streets and public spaces.

Mr Barrett, who has held a career in the defence industry, adds he "will act to improve local lives and work hard to find solutions to problems".

John Barrett, Labour candidate for Bushey North

John Barrett, Labour candidate for Bushey North

Alan Matthews, Liberal Democrat

Mr Matthews is hoping to retain the seat vacated by Mr Melville, who resigned after moving away from Bushey. Mr Matthews has lived in Bushey since 1980 and held a career in social housing and was director of housing for a London local authority.

He has been a member of the Lib Dems for two years and chaired a campaign to save Windmill House intermediate care home. Mr Matthews is a member of Friends of Bushey Seniors which promotes activities for older residents.

Explaining why residents should vote for him, Mr Matthews said: "My priorities are to stop Watford FC moving to Bushey and oppose the illogical siting of a new school at Bushey Country Club. I will also fight for tougher action on climate change - expanding rooftop solar power and improving recycling rates."

Alan Matthews, Liberal Democrat candidate for Bushey North

Alan Matthews, Liberal Democrat candidate for Bushey North

Jane West, Conservative

Ms West was borough councillor for Bushey North between 2010 and 2019 and is hoping to win her seat back. The Tory candidate has also served as the area’s county councillor since 2016, during which she says she has helped to start up the annual community fair, support the Red Trust Charity, and make sure the area receives its "fair share" of funding for road and pavement resurfacing, new tree planting and traffic calming schemes.

Ms West, who has lived in Bushey North for more than 25 years, said: "I am standing again for the borough seat because I am extremely worried about the potential loss of our green spaces such as Compass Park and have been clear I am opposing the potential Watford FC stadium and another large school in Bushey, I believe in local schools for local children.

"I am asking residents to give me five minutes of their time so I can give four years of mine."

Jane West, Conservative candidate for Bushey North

Jane West, Conservative candidate for Bushey North

Matt Wheeler, Green

Having grown up just down the road in Oxhey, Mr Wheeler, who works in publishing, has lived in the local area most of his life, finally settling in Bushey with his family 14 years ago.

Initially a member of the Labour Party, Mr Wheeler's growing concerns about the environment – both locally and globally – led to him joining the Green Party in 2018, where he soon found himself on the committee to get a new Hertsmere branch up and running.

He said: "Bushey's a wonderful place to live, but our green spaces are under threat like never before. I would oppose the ludicrous proposal to build a massive new secondary school on the site of the Golf and Country Club, and the equally unpopular proposal to pave over Bushey Hall Golf Club with a new stadium for Watford FC.

"Bushey deserves so much better than to become a developers' cash cow – something which would cost it its unique character forever."

Matt Wheeler, Green Party candidate for Bushey North

Matt Wheeler, Green Party candidate for Bushey North

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