A 95-year-old woman agreed to move into a Bushey care home but only on one condition – her pet Shih Tzu was also given a care plan!

Patricia Rose Diamond now lives at Elton House along with rescue dog Robbie, who she has had since he was a puppy 10 years ago.

The former headmistress said “if Robbie can’t go, I would never go”, but the home was happy to take them both in.

Patricia, who was never married and had no kids, said Robbie “gives me the greatest pleasure” – and described how everyone loves him as he bounds around the corridors and gardens.

Watford Observer: Patricia and Robbie in Elton HousePatricia and Robbie in Elton House

He is also taken for daily walks by the Cinnamon Trust, a national charity which helps the elderly and terminally ill with their pets.

Home carer Karen Fleming confirmed Patricia’s one stipulation before moving in was Robbie being allowed to move in too.

She added: “You wouldn’t leave a child behind so why would you leave an animal behind, they are an extension of the family.”

Karen also praised Robbie’s “great temperament”, but Patricia warned there was one thing he didn’t like – tummy strokes!

Watford Observer: RobbieRobbie

Patricia continued: “The only time I have seen him snarl at someone before was when they touched his tummy.

“He prefers to be stroked on the top of his head.”

Signature Homes, which runs Elton House, accepts pets with residents. For more information visit its website here.