Hello, my name’s Otto and I’m a beautiful five-year-old Jagdterrier. I was brought to the National Animal Welfare Trust in May from the dog pound.

A typical terrier, I’m very interested in just about everything. Sniffing, investigating and running around like a crazy pup are my favourite things to do. I need an experienced terrier owner who’s had a dog like me before.

I’m really not very sure about other dogs and I have a very high prey drive so my new owner will need to continue my reward-based training so I can learn how to walk nicely on the lead and behave around other dogs. I absolutely love my food though, so I’m sure I’ll catch on quickly.

Ottos handlers call him a little monkey

Otto's handlers call him a little monkey

I’d need to be your only pet and live with adults who are home most the day. I’ll need plenty of mental stimulation to keep me busy – long sniffy walks, food puzzles and scent work sound like my kind of fun.

A home with a big, secure garden would be amazing. Somewhere with high fences where I can be off-lead and not manage to escape chasing cats or squirrels. My handlers at the centre call me a little monkey but I’m sure I’m a dog?

Otto is a five-year-old Jagdterrier

Otto is a five-year-old Jagdterrier

After all the fun and games, I like to cuddle up at the end of the day and have a nice neck scratch.

If you could offer me a home, call on 0208 950 0177 (option 2) or email reception@nawt.org.uk so we can meet.