A mini sinkhole has formed in a residential neighbourhood.

The road surface in a loading bay in Newhouse Crescent on the Woodside estate in Watford collapsed on Sunday.

The hole is much bigger than the average pothole and a wheel of one car was caught inside the hole, which has since been coned off by Hertfordshire County Council contractors.

One local said the hole was "around three feet wide and two feet deep".

Watford Observer: The hole pictured today (Monday June 14)The hole pictured today (Monday June 14)

Tim Williams, who is a Liberal Democrat county councillor for Woodside, has been down to the site today.

He said: "The depth is concerning and it is worryingly how regular and how many of these holes are appearing in the same area.

"A more detailed inspection needs to occur so that the cause of the problem is fully addressed."

Cllr Williams has suggested it may be to do with recent waterworks that have happened in the area.

Watford Observer:

The loading bay is relatively new, having been relaid as part of the redevelopment of flats and shops in The Brow.

There are now barriers surrounding all sides of the hole to protect the public and to stop drivers hitting it.

It's unknown how long the repairs will take.

Watford Observer: