THE actions of vandals who set fire to a portable toilet in Croxley Green which spread to a metal container holding 25 gallons of diesel fuel, a propane cylinder, and a generator have been condemned by Watford firefighters.

On Sunday, November 25, at 5.56pm, firefighters were called to a building site in Bywaters off Blackmoor Lane, Croxley Green, to contain the blaze which had spread to a metal container holding flammable material.

A Watford Fire Station spokesman said the fire had been deliberately started, and by the time crews arrived the toilet had burned to the ground.

He said: "It appears the flames from the loo, which is stored at the rear of the container, seeped into the container and set its contents on fire.

"Inside that unit was a propane cylinder, a generator and 25 gallons of diesel."

He said the people responsible for the fire had behaved very badly, and added: "I would like to say that setting things alight is so pointless, it does nothing for anybody and is dangerous.

"The fire could have been much worse, but firefighters managed to break into the container and stop it from it from spreading. If anybody has seen anything, they should contact police."