If you are buying or selling a house, there can be many benefits in using a full service law firm rather than one which only offers a conveyancing service. For example, you may require advice in another area of law, such as litigation or planning. A firm only offering conveyancing may be ill equipped to provide you with that guidance.

So what should you look for when choosing a firm to handle your conveyancing?

• Conveyancing Quality Scheme member

This means that the firm has achieved the Law Society mark of excellence for the home buying or selling process. This ensures high customer service standards and quality of advice.

• Mortgage lender approval

If you are buying a property, the mortgage lender will need to instruct a solicitor to protect their interests. If you select a solicitor or conveyancer who is not on your chosen lenders list of approved solicitors, this could delay your move or lead to additional costs.

• Continuity

Ask your conveyancer what happens if they go on holiday or are unexpectedly away from the office. Make sure that you have a suitably qualified and experienced staff member able to take over your matter, even at short notice.

• Recommendations

Do ask your friends, family and estate agent for a recommendation. Ensure that the recommendation is given freely, rather than as a result of a commercial relationship.

• Locality

Whilst many legal matters can be dealt with at a distance, having a local office can be easier than trying to look at plans or discuss complex issues by email.


A full quotation should be provided to you at the outset, rather than having hidden charges which crop up later in the transaction.

• Rapport

Ensure that you chose a firm where you will deal with an individual rather than a team of staff who may lack the relevant experience or qualifications to fully support you.

  • Fiona Baker is a chartered legal executive at award-winning law firm VWV, with offices on Clarendon Road, in Watford. Get in touch on 07468 698 982 or fbaker@vwv.co.uk