I am surprised that the Member of Parliament for Watford is not supporting his constituents, by endeavouring to achieve a brand new, state of the art, acute general hospital, on a clear site, in a more easily accessible location. Why keep aligning himself with the failing West Hertfordshire Hospitals NHS Trust, who continue to flounder with their constantly changing “plans” regarding West Hertfordshire Hospitals? None of their “plans” have been compliant with both the latest NHS standards and the Government’s stated budget for a new hospital. Hence no funding has been allocated for these “plans”, by the Treasury.

I would have thought Mr Russell would wish to seize the opportunity that the Government is providing in making up to £590 million available, for a completely new hospital for all the people of West Hertfordshire. There will not be sufficient money for new hospitals in three different locations, so we need to trim our desires to what is practical.

Mr Dean Russell, please support your constituents by supporting what is actually achievable, ie. the provision of a brand new West Hertfordshire Hospital on a clear, centrally located site, for both the people of Watford and all the population of West Hertfordshire.

This is the time to get this vital facility right, for the sake of our present day users, but even more importantly, for our children, grand-children and their children.

From a concerned patient and resident of West Hertfordshire.

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