Pupils at a primary school in Garston are being treated to the company of a puppy following the summer holidays.

Fitz has been bringing a smile to the faces of students at St Catherine of Siena Primary School since they returned to learning this week.

Across the week, classes will have the opportunity to visit or be visited by Fitz.

Head Teacher and owner of the dog Nikki Kane says she has wanted to have a puppy at the school for a while and felt now was the right time following the disruptions caused by coronavirus.

She said: “It took me a long time to find a puppy that is the right fit for the school. We chose Fitz because he is a breed which is known to be good with children and is hypoallergenic.

Watford Observer: Fitz the dog Fitz the dog

“Of course, Fitz’s welfare comes first. He lives at home with me and comes to the school every day.

“He’ll be with me all the time at school and if I feel he needs a rest he’ll be taken back to his bed in the office.”

She added that Fitz has been a “great success” so far and on his first day helped an anxious child get into school.

He also cheered up two upset children and was stroked by four pupils who said they were scared of dogs, Mrs Kane added.

“The impact Fitz has on the well-being of our staff can’t be underestimated either,” she said.

Parents have also shared their thoughts about Fitz being around at the school.

Year 2 parent Charmaine Salfarlie said: “When the school informed us that they were going to have Fitz as a therapy dog we thought it was an excellent idea.

“The children have been through so much over the last 18 months and a therapy dog sounded like a fantastic way to bring some daily joy to kids.

“My daughter tells me she feels instant happiness when she sees and strokes Fitz and she loves it when Fitz tries to lick her ears.”

Agnieszka Sroczynska, another Year 2 parent, said: "We think having a therapy puppy at school is a fantastic idea. They can help children deal with and overcome so many issues; and for many children, it will be their only contact with a puppy as they don't have any pets at home."