Further to the ongoing saga on the Nostalgia page of the Watford Observer as to how the Dome roundabout got its name, I have come across something that could be partly helpful regarding what came first, the Dome roundabout or the Gasometer?

With reference to Volume One (1900 to 1939) of Watford in the 20th Century (published by the Watford Observer, researched and written by the journalist Mr Oliver Phillips), on page 151 it’s reported that one of the big controversies in Watford during the 1930s centred on the proposal to build a gasometer by the Dome in 1932.

This was done despite protests by local residents. However, although this report from an 89-year-old edition of the Watford Observer now solves the conundrum that the Dome (whatever it was) did exist before the gasometer, it still leaves the public intrigued and wanting to know more.

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My own conclusion from the 89-year-old report is that the Dome once stood where the Fire Station stands today. Meanwhile, I will endeavour to keep researching the subject, hoping to help solve the mystery regarding the Dome.

Ernie MacKenzie

Gammons Lane, Watford