House prices have increased significantly since but back in the 1930s it was possible to buy a new home on a new estate in the Watford area for as little as £700.

The Watford Observer has again teamed up with Watford Museum and is delighted to showcase some pictures from its archive - this week it's an office that was constructed for the building of the Tudor Estate.

The museum's volunteer archivist Christine Orchard said: "The Tudor Estate in North Watford was built during the 1930s by Messrs Walter J Rice & Son. There was a show house in Tudor Avenue and an estate office on the corner of Bushey Mill Lane and Tudor Avenue.

Watford Observer:

The Tudor Avenue show house

"This photo was printed in a brochure entitled "Rice's Remarkable Residences" - prices for the houses started at £700!

"It appears as if the office might have been intended as a permanent structure - the style of brick wall surrounding the garden can still be seen on the estate and there are a couple of bungalows of similar design.

Watford Observer:

Tudor Avenue c1930 as pictured in the brochure

"However, we know that the layout of the estate is not exactly as originally planned and this particular building was demolished and the site is now occupied by the Tudor Arms pub."

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