A “poorly maintained” right of way to two major schools in the area is causing trip hazards according to neighbours who are calling for urgent action on the overgrown path.

Liberal Democrat councillors and neighbours in Woodside and Leavesden raised the alarm over the overgrown public right of way which links Boundary Way and Woodside to two major schools in High Elms Lane.

According to the team of councillors, the path is so badly overgrown and poorly maintained that its street lights are obscured by trees and in many places is covered in vegetation and mud causing dangerous trip hazards.

Lib Dem councillors Stephen Giles-Medhurst and Tim Williams have surveyed the path following the complaints.

Watford Observer: Lib Dem councillors Stephen Giles-Medhurst and Tim WilliamsLib Dem councillors Stephen Giles-Medhurst and Tim Williams

They said: "After trying to report the defects online it was clear that the county was not correctly recording the path as their asset and most importantly - it was clear it has NOT had any maintenance and just been 'forgotten'.

“We have submitted a detailed report with dozens of photos demanding action to clear it.

“Hundreds of pupils from St Michael's and Parmiter’s schools, and residents, use the route and frankly it’s dangerous and also lacks visibility where it joins High Elms Lane.

"When the clocks go back it will be in total darkness late afternoon. It must be sorted."

Watford Observer: Councillors Stephen Giles-Medhurst and Tim WilliamsCouncillors Stephen Giles-Medhurst and Tim Williams

The councillors have been told a plan is underway to restore it - but not when.

They added: "This work cannot come soon enough and we have demanded to know when it will be done. So far only one footway repair near High Elms Lane has been carried out but that is all.

“Clearly it's a disgrace that a listed Right of Way accessing two main schools has become so neglected especially when we should be encouraging walking and cycling.

“We want to know how the county council has missed doing this for so long.”

Watford Observer: Obscured street lightObscured street light

Executive member for Highways and Transport Phil Bibby said: “I agree that the state of this right of way is unsatisfactory but, despite what is claimed, Hertfordshire County Council is responding to the reports we have had.

“The site was scheduled for the Autumn Shrub Clearance Program however due to the points raised concerning the street lighting the contractor was instructed to remove the woody growth to ground level, to ensure the columns are free of obscuring vegetation.

“I can now confirm that the contractor is already scheduled to be onsite next week to undertake the work. This will clear the lighting columns and open up the full width of the path, addressing the safety concerns. Ringway have already carried out some patching repairs to remove any immediate hazards.

“The County council is committed to encouraging walking and cycling and, at the last budget process, committed an additional £4m to help keep our footways and cycleways clear.”

Watford Observer: Phil BibbyPhil Bibby