In the light of the recent debacle in the House of Commons regarding Prime Minister Johnson’s botched attempt to suspend a damning Commons Standard Committee verdict on a MP for flouting paid advocacy rules, I was extremely disappointed not reading of a report in the Watford Observer as to how our own local MPs voted at the end of the debate on MP’s doing a second job.

I am sure there are lots of people just like myself that would like to know if our local MPs carry out instructions from their whip or did their conscience instruct them how to vote?

Last week’s miserable political mess was a bad experience for the Prime Minister, who believes he walks on water but ends up floundering in a bog. I can’t be the only one left that predates mobile phones, tablets and text messaging and that still doesn’t know how our local MPs voted on MPs doing a second job.

So it would be such a lovely gesture from the Editor of the Watford Observer if she could publicise as to how our local MPs voted in the Commons on this important issue.

Ernie MacKenzie

Gammons Lane, Watford

Note: We were unable to include the report in time for the print deadline of the November 11 edition.