Hertsmere’s MP says that he is “fully behind” Boris Johnson after he was fined for breaching Covid restrictions at a Downing Street party.

Both the Prime Minister and Chancellor Rishi Sunak have paid fines and apologised for attending Mr Johnson’s birthday bash during restrictions.

Mr Johnson said it “did not occur” to him that the gathering in the Cabinet Room on June 19 2020 to mark his 56th birthday was a violation of coronavirus rules, but that he “now humbly accepts” he did breach Covid-19 laws.

Earlier that day he attended a Hertfordshire school.

There have been calls for the Prime Minister to resign following the fine - including from local Labour and Lib Dems members in Watford and Hertsmere.

But Hertsmere MP Oliver Dowden says that he stands by Mr Johnson.

The chairman of the Conservatives tweeted: “The Prime Minister has provided a full explanation and apology for what happened in Downing Street.

“At a time when we face an energy crisis and conflict in Ukraine, I’m fully behind him in getting on with the job.”

Other local MPs were also contacted to see their thoughts on the matter and whether they think Mr Johnson should resign – but the Watford Observer has yet to hear back from them.

Asif Khan, Watford's Labour mayoral candidate, said: "It is crystal clear. While we obeyed the law, the Prime Minister and the Chancellor of the Exchequer broke it. What's more they're the ones who made the laws."

He continued: "The British people are rightly angry with them. They have to go. Boris Johnson constantly lies. First of all he said there were no parties, that was a lie.

"Then said they were work events, but they were actually 'bring you own booze' parties, so that was another lie and then Downing Street partied until the early hours on the morning of Prince Philip's funeral when the Queen mourned alone.

"He knew there were parties all along, because he was at them. Him, Sunak and all the Conservatives have taken the British people for fools and they should resign."

Watford Observer: Asif KhanAsif Khan

Meanwhile, readers were divided whether the Chancellor and the Prime Minister should be held to account for their actions and resign.

Ken Henderson said: “At this time of crisis in both UK and Ukraine, we need a PM and ministers that we can trust.”

And Jon Bob said: “If they do not resign or Tory MPs do not remove them then what is the future of our democracy?”


Oliver Dowden says he stands by Boris Johnson. Credit: PA

Oliver Dowden says he stands by Boris Johnson. Credit: PA


But there were many who dismissed such calls.

Ray Mooteealoo said: “There’s been worse crimes to mention and much more alarming issues in the world to worry about this.”

Dean Russell, Sir Mike Penning and Gagan Mohindra have yet to respond to the Observer or make a public statement.