A British fighter from Watford who has been captured by Russian troops has pleaded for Boris Johnson to help bring him home.

Shaun Pinner, 48, featured in a new video released this morning (April 18) on Russian state TV, in which he asked to be exchanged for pro-Russian politician Viktor Medvedchuk, who is currently being held by Ukrainian authorities.

The former waste manager from Watford was forced to surrender to the Russians along with Aiden Aslin from Nottinghamshire.

In the latest video released today, Mr Pinner says the two can be brought home in exchange for Ukraine releasing oligarch Mr Medvedchuk, a close friend of Vladimir Putin.


Watford Observer: Viktor Medvedchuk. Credit: Kremlin.ruViktor Medvedchuk. Credit: Kremlin.ru

He said: “Mr Boris Johnson. Obviously, I’m Shaun Pinner, a lot’s gone one over the last five or six weeks that I’m not fully aware of.

“Obviously I understand that Mr Medvedchuk has been detained and we look to exchange myself and Aiden Aslin for Mr Medvedchuk.

“Obviously I would really appreciate your help in this matter and pushing this agenda. Myself I’ve been treated well. I fully understand the situation that I’m in.

“We’ve been fed, watered and that’s all I can really say, but I beg on my behalf and Aiden Aslin’s behalf to help us in an exchange for Mr Medvedchuk.”

Watford Observer: Shaun Pinner seen in another video released on SaturdayShaun Pinner seen in another video released on Saturday

Mr Pinner was previously recorded over the weekend saying he was captured by Russian forces.

It is understood that Mr Pinner moved to Ukraine with his wife in 2018 and later joined the nation’s armed forces.

According to his family, his three-year contract was due to end later this year and he was planning to enter a humanitarian role within Ukraine.

Mr Pinner’s family said they are working with the Foreign Office and Mr Aslin’s family to ensure “their rights as Prisoners of War are upheld according to the Geneva Convention.”

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