Roadworks that have caused bus diversions for a week seem to be over - but barriers and cones were still in place last night.

Part of Ashfields in Leavesden has been closed to traffic since May 3 - with roadworks scheduled to last one week.

Watford Observer:

The work appeared to be finished on Monday evening but the closure was still in place.

There is little information about the work online - the Affinity Water website itself appears to have no information about it, but signs at the site indicate the closure should be removed today.

Only one website found by the Watford Observer mentioned the work - and that suggested it had been completed on Monday at 2.15pm.

Watford Observer:

A screengrab from

Public transport website previously showed that the 10, 20 & UNO service R9 would not serve Leavesden Ashfields bus stops during the roadworks, but that the road was closed until Monday, May 9.

The closure has meant motorists coming off the A41 towards Aerodrome Way or Courtlands Drive have been diverted through Leavesden.

Many cars turning into the junction from Ashfields or Aerodrome Way have been forced to make a U-turn.

An Affinity Water spokesman said: “Our contractors completed the necessary work to our network yesterday and in line with our Highway Authority approved permit.

"The road closure has remained in place today and will be planned and safely removed by the traffic management company as soon as possible this evening.

"We’re sorry for the delay in its removal and any inconvenience this has caused to road users.”