It seemed like the fantastic performances at the Watford centenary celebration brought out the sun as families flocked to Cassiobury Park to enjoy the event.

There were some concerns in the morning as the heavy rain seemed like it would disrupt the big centenary celebration that brought music, dance, food and a range of performances to the park today, June 4.

Watford Observer: There were a variety of performancesThere were a variety of performances

But as the parade from Watford town centre to the bandstand at the park took place, the rain quickly stopped allowing people to bask in the sun as they enjoyed the entertainment.

This year, Watford is marking a century since Charter Day, when the town was given its status as a borough.

Watford Observer: Attendees gathered around to watch live performancesAttendees gathered around to watch live performances

It includes local talent Rak-Su and Naughty Boy performing on stage, as well as various other local groups such as Electric Umbrella.

Despite the weather in the beginning of the day, over a thousand people were seen in attendance to celebrate the major day for Watford.

Mayor Peter Taylor said “it’s a great atmosphere” and he can’t recall ever seeing as many Electric Umbrella members performing on the bandstand before, as they kickstarted the day.

He also praised local artist Amma Gyan of Amanartis, who helped bring the parade to life.

Watford Observer: A parade took place at the town centre. Credit: Tim ConstableA parade took place at the town centre. Credit: Tim Constable

Local children designed a display of grasses and flowers to create a living meadow and a symbolic expression of summer, life and joy.

With months of preparation, Amma was the brains behind the flash mob at the top of the town centre by the pond as well as the colourful displays, as she said it is meant to highlight “the vibrancy that is as the heart of Watford”.

Watford Observer: The colourful parade during the rain. Credit: Tim ConstableThe colourful parade during the rain. Credit: Tim Constable

Councillor Imran Hamid said he was really appreciative to the local charities that helped out at the event and said the day has been “really enjoyable”.

Watford Observer: Amir Ahmed and Councillor Imran Hamid enjoyed the eventAmir Ahmed and Councillor Imran Hamid enjoyed the event

Amir Ahmed, who was with his wife and kids, said: “There’s lots of people of all ages, everyone’s having fun and the sun’s out.

“I’m looking forward to the different performances, seeing local people out and about, bumping into people and meeting friends.”

Pointing to Cllr Hamid, he added: “we didn’t plan to come together.”