The Watford Observer is again delighted to be teaming up with its friends at Watford Museum to take another journey back to the past to recall the key events and dates that helped shape the town’s future.

Part 41 of '50 events and dates that shaped Watford' is a perfect isual antidote to the hot weather if you need one – a look back to some wonderful snowy scenes taken 60 years ago.

The museum’s volunteer archivist Christine Orchard said: “In complete contrast to the hot summer weather this week, which has been brought up from the south, the New Year of 1962 saw very cold winds come down from the north (although not as severe as the Big Freeze of 1963 which was one of the coldest on record). The blizzard-like conditions were spread over much of the UK causing disruption - I believe even Jersey in the Channel Islands had snow.

Watford Observer:

Walking along a snow-covered Rickmansworth Road past Cassiobury Park Gates

“Snow began to fall in Watford in the last days of December 1961 and further falls continued into January. Even parts of the High Street were difficult to pass, with vehicles being snowed in or breaking down. Snow piled up on the pavements too and made even walking hard and the shops must have been deserted.

Watford Observer:

Working to clear the snow in The Avenue in Cassiobury Park

“Local photographer Bob Nunn did get out in the snow and we have some lovely snowy scenes taken by him in our collection.”

Watford Observer:

Cassiobury Park near Iron Bridge Lock in 1962

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