My neighbour told me that in the past when he thought about the Conservatives words like prudence, dignity and restraint where at the forefront of his mind and that’s why he voted for them. He now thinks that Boris’s actions have shamed his party and let down his country.

So far as he and many other people can see the focus of government is now not about addressing the pressing issues of the day like the cost of living crisis or climate change but keeping the Prime Minister in office.

And yet I see Watford MP Dean Russell voted for him “ order to show my confidence in Johnson’s plans for the future...”.

SW Herts MP Gagan Mohindra also voted for him “for the sake of clarity... he has my full support”.

I’d like to know what efforts, if any, either MP made to see if their opinions are shared by their constituents. Honestly, you couldn’t make it up!

My neighbour will not be voting Tory whilst Boris remains in office.

Philip Parry

South-West Herts Labour Party