A pensioner unleashed a tirade of abuse at striking rail workers this morning branding them "criminals" and "blackmailers".

In a video taken at Watford Junction the man is seen shouting at the RMT members and pointing his finger while claiming they are "breaking the law".

After the video, he then allegedly slapped a phone out of a journalist's hand when asked for comment.

RMT Watford branch secretary Stewart Cameron, 52, said: “You are going to get people like that.

“You have got one person who is senior who was claiming we are breaking the law but to be honest the public support has been overwhelming.

“This is an official strike."

Watford Observer: RMT picket (Stewart fourth from left)RMT picket (Stewart fourth from left)

Thousands of rail workers are striking today as part of the biggest industrial action on the railways for a generation.

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