Staff and volunteers at a homeless outreach charity in Watford are responding to the needs of vulnerable people more quickly after being given free access to bikes.

Bike hire operator Beryl Bikes has provided New Hope with free minutes to get around town to support those in need such as rough sleepers.

New Hope outreach plus manager, Steve Devine, said: “The bikes enable us to respond to StreetLink reports and phone calls so much quicker than before and we have utilised them to go straight to a rough sleeper, meet with them and then bring them back to an outreach bed. 

“They really have been fundamental to our outreach service, allowing us to travel twice the distance in half the time.”


Beryl chief executive and co-founder Phil Ellis said: “Supporting charities like New Hope to deliver their work for those who are homeless is a very easy decision.

“We really believe in the power of the bike to improve the health and sustainability of our towns and cities.”

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