The picture at the top of this page is a little over a century old and you can easily be forgiven for not recognising where in Watford it is given how much has changed since it was taken.

The Watford Observer is delighted to share these pictures from the Watford Museum archive which shows the meeting point of High Street, King Street and Queen’s Road.

The museum’s volunteer archivist Christine Orchard said: “For many years this junction of the High Street changed very little.

“At the time of this postcard (around 1914) there were two banks, a pub and a chemists.

Watford Observer:

Looking north up High Street with Queen's Road on the right

“On the left is King Street with the Barclays & Company Bank and on the far corner the Kings Arms.

“On the right is Queen's Road and the bank on the far corner was the London County & Westminster Bank. This bank's name changed and eventually became the National Westminster Bank.

Watford Observer:

A view of the junction in 1966

“Also on the right on the nearest corner is Boots which had recently opened in new premises replacing a long-established grocers business.

Watford Observer:

The junction looks completely different today. Picture: Google Street View

“Today, three of the corners have been redeveloped, and just the Barclays bank building remains.”

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