I found John Gander's views in last Friday's Observer far from helpful and I doubt if many local people share them. (Shame on strikers, Letters) He states that "people striking or threatening to strike should hang there heads in shame" and "there were no complaints during Covid when they were sucking the state dry".

The truth is that public sector workers pay has fallen 4% in real terms during the past decade and this was before the recent rise in inflation, which is now at 10%. Many feel undervalued and underpaid.

So what does Mr Gander expect them to do? Grin and bear it!

The reality is that many now face three options: One, put up with it and carry on, although this is increasingly difficult particularly if they have a family to provide for. Two, leave and join the private sector - and more and more public sector workers are doing this. Three, take industrial action, which is their lawful and democratic right.

Philip Parry

SW Herts Labour Party, Kitsbury Terrace, Berkhamsted

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