An eight-year-old who had to have her eye removed due to cancer has replaced it with a pink sparkly prosthetic.

Eight-year-old Daisy Passfield, from Abbots Langley, was diagnosed with a tumour in her retina when she was 14 months old.

She had chemotherapy to shrink the tumour but relapsed after two months, and aged two, had her right eye removed over fears it would spread.

Now, after years of having a blue prosthetic eye, Daisy has chosen to have a sparkly prosthetic eye fitted this summer.

Instead of sticking with a matching blue lens, Daisy surprised her family and medics by asking to have a new eye in her favourite colour - pink glitter – which she now proudly shows off.

Watford Observer: Daisy Passfield, Image: SWNSDaisy Passfield, Image: SWNS

Daisy said: “I feel happy because everyone can see my pink sparkly eye and I am so excited to show everyone at school. I think they will love it just like I do.

"I have been told it looks like a superhero eye, a dragon's eye and a unicorn eye and I like all those things."

Watford Observer: Image: SWNSImage: SWNS

Daisy's mum, Alysia, 30, said it was 'tough' trying to get a diagnosis for her daughter’s condition.

Alysia said she realised something wasn’t right when she noticed a white glow in Daisy’s eye in a photo.

The most common symptoms are a white glow in eye or pupil in dim lighting or when a photo is taken using a flash, and a squint.

Watford Observer: Daisy and her mum Alysia. Image: SWNSDaisy and her mum Alysia. Image: SWNS

Daisy was diagnosed with retinoblastoma - a rare and aggressive form of eye cancer that affects babies and young children – in October 2015.

When she relapsed after her chemotherapy ended, Daisy started intra arterial chemotherapy - delivering chemotherapy drugs directly to the eye rather than around the body.

But instead of shrinking the tumour, the treatment broke the tumour into different parts so her parents took the decision to remove her eye which required a four hour operation.

Watford Observer: Image: SWNSImage: SWNS

After receiving her new sparkly eye in July, mum-of-three Alysia said of her younger daughter: "She is one of the most confident people I have ever met.

"The only thing she can't do is drive a combine harvester or fly a plane but I don't think we have to ever worry about that happening."

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