A report of two men posing as police officers sparked worry in a village - and struck a chord on social media.

Police have confirmed that they were called to reports of a suspicious incident at an address in Sarratt, on Thursday, September 1.

Two men are reported to have knocked on the door of a property claiming to be plain-clothes police officers looking for a man.

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They did not provide any identification and they left the scene after the resident said she did not have any information.

The men are described as being Asian, and one was believed to be in his 20s whilst the other was said to be in his 40s.

Several people commented on Facebook that similar situations have happened to them or someone they know.

Detective Inspector Stewart Moulding said: “Understandably, this has caused some concern among the local community, and we know that there are several posts on social media regarding the incident.

“I would like to reassure residents that at no point did the men attempt to gain entry to the property.

“If you are ever stopped or approached by a person claiming to be a police officer and you feel uncertain about their identity, you can call 999 straight away.”

If you have information, you can contact 101.

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