Readers shared light-hearted advice for the new monarch following his accession to the throne.

It has been nine days since King Charles took on the role after his mother, Queen Elizabeth II, died on Thursday, September 8.

There has been a mixed response from people, with some questioning his abilities and others believing he will do well following in his mother’s footsteps.

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We asked our readers what they would say to King Charles III if they had the chance to meet him.

Among comments on Facebook, some looked at the funny side.  

One person said: “Can I please see your CV? Are you not missing a few pages, Sir?”

And another quipped: “You finally got a job.”

The humour continued with some people alluding to recent videos of the King becoming frustrated with pens.

Watford Observer: King Charles III and the Queen Consort have problems with a pen as they sign the visitors book at Hillsborough Castle, Co Down. Photo:PAKing Charles III and the Queen Consort have problems with a pen as they sign the visitors book at Hillsborough Castle, Co Down. Photo:PA (Image: PA)

They said: “Stop faffing around with pens and get on with the job!”

And: “Here..... use my pen.”

Some comments were more sombre, with one person saying: “I'd ask him to sit and take time to grieve in all honesty.”

However, one person included some Watford-related humour and said: “Don't drive through the width restriction in Woodmere Avenue.”

We also spoke to shoppers in Watford town centre about their views on the new King.

Ilis Purcell, 83, from Watford said: “His mother was doing a good job and he has taken over well.”

Watford Observer: Ilis Purcell. Picture: NewsquestIlis Purcell. Picture: Newsquest (Image: Kimberley Hackett)

Steve Massey, 51, also from Watford thinks King Charles “is doing well for 73 years of age”.

He said: “He has travelled all over the country and had a hectic few day.

Watford Observer: Steve Massey. Picture: Newsquest Steve Massey. Picture: Newsquest (Image: Kimberley Hackett)

“If I met him, I would say good luck. If you can be half as good as your mother, you will be making a good job.”

Tim Golding, 77, praised Charles on his climate change work.

Watford Observer: Tim Golding. Picture: NewsquestTim Golding. Picture: Newsquest (Image: Newsquest)

Mr Golding, from Watford said: “He was the first person who spoke about climate change and I admire him for that.”

Teresa Smith, 76, from Leavesden and her partner Steve, 65, from Harrow both backed the new King and described him as a “good family man.”

Watford Observer: Teresa Smith (left) and her partner Steve (right). Picture: NewsquestTeresa Smith (left) and her partner Steve (right). Picture: Newsquest (Image: Newsquest)

For Steve, King Charles “will make a very good King because he has similar values to the Queen”.

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