It is clear from the response to articles this week how much the Queen meant to many of our readers.

One said that it was like waving goodbye to the 20th Century. She was a living link to generations of ordinary people and leaders, including those who fought in the Second World War.

For many of us, she was the only queen or king we have ever known - life will seem different with a new figure on our stamps, banknotes and coins.

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At the outset of her reign, Queen Elizabeth said her whole life would be devoted to service, and it was. Only days before her death she welcomed a new prime minister.

Even those who were not royalists were impressed by her dedication, good humour and kindness, and those who were monarchists adored her. Most reporters cover a royal visit at some point and witness people overcome by emotion or excitement - something she took in her stride.

Others commented on the contrast to the brasher voices of despots and dictators, always seeming fair and reasonable. Whether it was party politics, Brexit or more recent culture wars, she never took sides - despite the fact that many might have wished to project their own opinions - or those they suspected she might have - onto her.

And in this way she managed to remain Queen of a country and commonwealth that included even people who might disagree with the fact that she existed. She was a constant, but knew to make small changes as she went to make sure she stayed with people and people stayed with her.

Now there is a new King. Charles has embraced causes if not political views and means different things to people. Time will tell how the monarchy and what it means will evolve, but the trick will be to continue making those small changes while preserving the link to history and the place in people's hearts.