"It makes a nice change from what usually goes on in Crabtree Close," observed a 70-year-old resident as she watched a BBC film crew descend on the quiet Bushey cul-de-sac.

Jean Glenister is one of several people surprised to find their street chosen for the filming of Beautiful People, a forthcoming BBC Two comedy staring Meera Syal and Olivia Colman.

Based on the childhood memories of writer Simon Doohan and set in 1997, it will tell the story of a wine maker, "ghetto queen", blind lodger and foul-mouthed grandmother.

It is due to be broadcast later in the year.

The cast and crew arrived in the street at the start of the week and will leave today (Friday).

Pamela Anderson, press officer at the BBC, said: "The street was chosen as it was just what they wanted, exactly the right location."

Mrs Glenister said: "I think it's great.

"I've been outside, watching. Yesterday they had two girls fighting in a boxing ring.

"It's all good. There has been no trouble from them.

"There's not much traffic, a bus goes past every now and then, which I think is to take a boy to school."