A mother who overcame the “devastation” of being unable to have children naturally is on a quest to help women with their own fertility struggles.

Laura Bloomberg’s “fairy-tale dream” of becoming a mother turned into a “living nightmare” after her gynaecologist warned it was not going to be an “easy, straightforward process”.

Then in her late 20s, Laura, from Bushey, learned problems with her ovaries and uterus meant falling pregnant was always going to be a challenge.

What followed was years of struggles and heartbreak, including a miscarriage and several failed and complex IVF attempts.

Laura, now 50, recalls: “When I was told it would be really difficult to fall pregnant naturally, it felt like the world had fallen apart at my feet in a split second. My dream was to be a mother and raise children.

“But my fertility journey was not easy, in fact it was a living nightmare.”

Then working as a teacher, Laura juggled both the physical and mental strain on her body as her quest to fall pregnant suffered setback after setback.

Though supported by her husband Spencer, Laura remembers the “rollercoaster of emotions”.

She said: “There’s feeling of loneliness, vulnerability, guilt of not being able to provide, jealousy, uncertainty. It was a hell journey.”

The couple were rewarded in however in 2003, when after winning the IVF “lottery”, they welcomed a daugher, now 19, before having a son – again through IVF – who is now 13.

Laura could not be happier to have achieved her fairy-tale but she has never forgotten the battle she went through – and believes it could have been made easier.


Laura said: “It’s a very personal and private experience and I would have loved to have had someone to speak to and better emotional support.”

Now a qualified hypnotherapist, Laura has also completed her training to become a specialist fertility coach and holistic therapist.

Explaining the purpose of her new Fertility Avenue programme, which she launched three weeks ago, Laura said: “This is for anyone going through the fertility journey and facing all those emotions I went through. If only I had better access to emotional support; it would have been a completely different experience."


Laura added: “It’s not just about talking but giving them the practical tools, techniques, and strategies that they can do for themselves to ensure their mind and body is working together.”

Find out more about Fertility Avenue here.

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