A telecommunications company has received permission to install a 5G mast after it returned with a smaller proposal.

The 15-metre pole will be put in Little Bushey Lane near the junction of Fuller Close, Bushey Heath.

Applicant CK Hutchison, which owns Three Mobile, says it will enhance 5G coverage for the WD23 postcode area.

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Hertsmere Borough Council previously turned down an application in 2021 for a 20-metre mast because of its height, describing it as “highly obtrusive” for residents.

But with the mast now proposed to be five metres lower, the council is happy for the mast to be installed.

Although acknowledging there will “undoubtedly” be some visual impact, an officer felt CK Hutchison had made the necessary changes to make the scheme acceptable.

Five objections had been received including that the mast would be an “eyesore” and was “unnecessary”.

This decision comes after the council recently turned down a separate application by CK Hutchison for a 15 metre 5G mast on the corner of High Street and Bournehall Road in Bushey.

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