Rickmansworth residents should have their water restored to normal soon after supply issues cut off access this morning.

Affinity Water posted a message at 8.15am today (December 15) warning residents in the WD3 postcode of “no water” until around 12pm.

It said: “We’re really sorry you haven’t got any water. We don’t know what’s causing this, but our technician is on their way to your area to find out.

“Until we’ve sorted this, please avoid using your washing machine, dishwasher, and electrical appliances that use water."

The problem turned out to be a "broken valve", and at around 12pm Affinity said "you'll see water flowing back to normal soon".

"If your water is discoloured or cloudy, don’t worry this is normal. We know it doesn’t look nice, but it’s not harmful and you can help by running your cold tap until it’s clear. To find out more, please click here."