A new network has been set up in Watford in a bid to help reduce the number of South Asian women taking their own lives.

It comes amid concerns being raised over a UK-wide report which highlighted attempted suicide has risen in that demographic.

The South Asian Heritage Association (SAHA) has been launched to help the community navigate UK national bodies, such as the NHS.

Falling under the One Vision charity, the association will be officially launched on Sunday at Watford Grammar School for Boys.

Watford Observer: The conference will take place on Sunday, January 29The conference will take place on Sunday, January 29 (Image: SAHA)

Between 2pm and 5pm a range of leaders will be taking part to help South Asian women who are struggling with their mental health.   

Enoch Kanagaraj, CEO of One Vision, said: “We are very concerned about a UK-wide report that came out highlighting that attempted suicide from South Asian women has increased.

“We want to get them help and signposted to the right service and this isn’t always the case.

“Our work will consist of helping people with cultural difference and therefore help women’s health and wellbeing.”

Under the SAHA people will be able to seek advice on how to navigate organisations, such as the NHS, the police, and councils.

And while Sunday’s event is specifically for women, the organisation is for all members of the South Asian community who need help.

Mr Kanagaraj said: “The current census came out and showed there is an increasingly diverse community in Watford.

“And we want to build wellbeing in the South Asian community and help them work with leaders.

“For example, the police have a big problem with stop and search.

“It’s important that the police build trust with the South Asian community.”

He also highlighted the high number of people of South Asian heritage who live in Watford and surrounding areas who are borderline diabetic.

Mr Kanagaraj said: “There is going to be a big burden if we don’t work with the to reduce that.”

He described the SAHA as a “one stop shop” for people from the community to get help with organisations as well as with everyday issues such as finances and bills.

Mentorship programmes will also be run soon. And children’s mental health will also be on the agenda later in the year.

The association is headed up by a team of diverse leaders with expertise in several fields such as health and business.

To find out more about SAHA, you can call 01923 372 699 or email southasianheritageassociation@gmail.com.