These handsome guys will be neutered soon and looking for some female company.

Winston - Hello there! My name’s Winston and I’m a confident 18-month-old boy.

I get very excited when I know there’s food around and am happy to sit on your lap and eat, which is a good way for us to bond.

Watford Observer: Winston

I’ll need to live inside to begin with as that’s what I’m used to. I can gradually be introduced to living outside, but in winter I’ll need lots of help keeping warm.

Woody - Hi, I’m Woody! I’m a one-year-old male who’s had enough of living on my own and would love to have a friend to munch on hay and share the finer things in life with, such as herbs and spring greens.

Watford Observer: Woody

I can live in a home with children of any age as long as they’ll give me space and won’t handle me too much to begin with as I’m a bit of a wriggly boy!

Henry – And I’m Henry, a ten-month-old boy looking for a new home, ideally with some gorgeous girls.

I currently live inside but in the summer could be transitioned to living outside. I’ll need accommodation of at least 5ft x 2ft x 2ft during the bonding process and when I’m (hopefully) living with females, we’ll need that size or bigger, depending on how many of us there are.

Watford Observer: Henry

I can live with children of any age as long as an adult’s responsible for my care. I could live in a home with other pets as long as I’m securely housed.

If you could give us homes, email or call 0208 950 0177 (option 2) to meet and see if there’s chemistry.