Watford’s Vibe 107.6 radio station was given a spotlight moment when its general manager attended Number 10 Downing Street.

Ryan Thrussell was nominated as a Local Media Champion chosen by MP Dean Russell.

He has introduced a training programme which has developed presenters that have progressed to commercial radio shows at Heart, Kiss and Capital and public service shows at BBC Radio.


Ryan said: "It was an amazing experience to attend Downing Street with Dean and meet the digital, culture, media and sport secretary.

“It was great to talk with her about the positive work Vibe 107.6 does to train and develop talent into the radio and media industry.

“I hope the Government continues to support local media in a challenging time."

The event was organised by Downing Street to promote the role and importance of local media within communities. 

Mr Russell said: “It was wonderful to meet so many Local Media Champions from across the United Kingdom from many different corners of the world of media, and it was a pleasure to give them the opportunity to enter the famous door on Downing St.

“I was one of the original founders of the student radio station Demon FM now (Demon Media) at De Montfort University in 1995 and have had a passion for local radio ever since.”