Hospital appointment letters have been delayed in the post by more than a week in two known cases across Watford.

One person is so concerned by the late arrival of letters he has had to ask his hospital to call or text instead of write to him.


Tom Sands, 57, who lives in Blackthorn Close, Watford, is recovering from throat cancer.

Watford Observer: Tom SandsTom Sands (Image: Tom Sands)

He claimed to not have had any post delivered between April 28 and May 9.

Mr Sands said: “I have got CCTV on my house, and I have trawled through it every day and we have not had any postmen on the street.

“I have spoken to my neighbours and they have had the same problem.”

He has described the situation as making him feel “anxious” because he is trying to get back to work.

“Being-self-employed, you are not entitled to anything, you are left to your own devices, so I am trying to recover as quickly as possible.


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“So far, I haven’t missed any appointments, but obviously I am stressing over this,” he said.

He was so surprised by the length of time it took for the post to be delivered, he visited the Royal Mail Watford Delivery Office in Caxton Way on May 10.

Mr Sparks claimed he was told by staff the delay was due to staffing issues.

Raymond Tandy, 71, who lives in Stud Green in Leavesden, said he had not had any post delivered until Thursday, May 11, after 10 days of nothing.

Watford Observer: Raymond TandyRaymond Tandy (Image: Raymond Tandy)

Mr Tandy, who needs to attend several hospital appointments after suffering a stroke last year, said he received 17 letters in one go when the post finally arrived.

He said: “I am disgusted. I don’t know why they need to be holding on to stuff.”

Fortunately, Mr Tandy has not missed any appointments, but he is worried in case it could happen in the future.

When approached for comment, a Royal Mail spokesperson told the Watford Observer: “We are sorry to hear that some customers have experienced delays in the Watford area.

"Every item of mail is important to us.

"When delays occur, every effort is made to ensure post is delivered and the reasons behind the delays are addressed.

“We encourage anyone who experiences a delay, or has concerns about their mail, to please contact customer services on 03457 740 740 or via”

Royal Mail has been asked for clarification on what is causing the delays and when they will be sorted. Updates to follow.