A school in Garston received a “game-changing” £100k donation from an anonymous organisation to pay for its playground revamp.

Work to transform Stanborough Primary School’s dated facilities into a stunning new games area has already begun – with plans to open it up for community use as well.

Headteacher Tiann Madden had requested help funding the project “with a hope and a prayer”, before being left in “utter shock and disbelief” to be gifted the six-figure sum.

Watford Observer: The dated playground was in dire need of a revamp.The dated playground was in dire need of a revamp. (Image: Stanborough Primary School)

The Stanborough Park school knows who it is, but the organisation insisted it wants to remain anonymous.

Reflecting on the moment she found out, the headteacher said: “I was absolutely shocked. I didn’t think anyone was even going to come forward and I was pleasantly surprised.

“But what it’s going to do for our children and our space is going to be amazing. That’s why I want to open it out to the community, because we’ve got four acres of grounds that people don’t really see – and they should. It’s in the middle of Garston at the end of the day.”

The money will pay for a playground overhaul and will “inject a burst of playfulness with state-of-the-art equipment, and establish a safe and inclusive space for children of all ages”.

Watford Observer: A CGI of the playground revamp.A CGI of the playground revamp. (Image: Play Innovation/ Stanborough Primary School)

A stunning CGI of what it will look like shows two multi-use pitches with synthetic carpet and bolt on football goals, as well as another “fitness trail” area.  

Ms Madden continued: “It’s a pretty little park and it will be nice to have this playground where people can access it on weekends when we’re not here.

“It will be a nice thing for the community and it will be an awesome thing for the school.”

Watford Observer: Work has already started - with bricks from the wall taken by some for sentimental value.Work has already started - with bricks from the wall taken by some for sentimental value. (Image: Stanborough Primary School)

The project is being undertaken by Play Innovation and has already begun – with some sentimental people taking bricks out of a skip as a piece of history. It is expected to be completed by the end of July.

"This remarkable gift will leave an indelible mark on our students, propelling them towards a future filled with joy, growth, and exploration,” the headteacher added.

“We extend our deepest gratitude to our donors for their unwavering support in transforming our playground into a hub of limitless possibilities."