A mother whose son died in a knife attack will speak at an anti-violence event for children and parents tomorrow.

Future Academies Watford, in Horseshoe Lane, is hosting an evening session on Tuesday, June 20 from 6pm to 8pm that will be led by Alison Cope.

Ms Cope has become an advocate against youth violence after her 18-year-old son died due to a knife attack in 2013.

Watford Observer: Alison CopeAlison Cope (Image: Dean Russell)

Her son’s death was not related to gangs or drugs, but rather an argument that originated on social media.

The evening is open to people of all ages, as well as those who do not go to the school.

To book a place email WHTYouth@herts.police.uk.

Ms Cope was invited to the school after two senior leaders saw her speak at another school and were impressed at the powerful message on anti-knife crime.

It is being held in partnership with Hertfordshire Constabulary.  

The school’s principal Deborah Warwick said: “While we never shy away from the important role that schools play in helping to shape the choices that young people make, it is so much more powerful if we work together.

“That is why we felt it was important to invite Alison to our school to share her story with our wider community.”

Ms Cope will also be meeting with the school’s students during the day.

Ms Warwick added: “What I think is most heartening is how our parents have actively wanted to be part of the planning of Alison’s visit.

“A group of parents have, for example, been responsible for promoting the open talk at the end of the day. They should be applauded for their initiative and commitment.”

Inspector Dan Jones, who leads the Watford Safer Neighbourhood Team, said: “We have worked with Alison several times in the past and the tragic loss of her son Joshua is a poignant reminder that life is fragile.

“We’re very privileged to have Alison with us again for what we know will be a thought-provoking evening.”

Ms Cope also gave a talk at Westfield Academy today (June 19).

Watford Observer: Alison Cope (centre) spoke at Westfield Academy today (June 19).Alison Cope (centre) spoke at Westfield Academy today (June 19). (Image: Dean Russell)

Watford MP Dean Russell was in attendance and said: “Alison Cope's powerful message reminds us of all of the critical need to address youth violence and its connection to the digital platforms.

“It is crucial that we educate young people about the consequences of their actions online and provide them with the support they need to make informed choices.”