The Watford Observer has been praised for reporting on topics directly having an impact on the local community - as the value of an independent press was discussed in government.

Watford MP Dean Russell highlighted how the paper informs people about local events, showcase local achievements, and hold authorities accountable for their actions.

His comments come after the Digital Markets Competition and Consumers Bill Committee met on Tuesday, June 13.

Watch Dean Russell in the video below

Mr Russell said: “I absolutely recognise the role played by local news channels in providing accurate, timely, and relevant information to the people in the local area.

“These hyperlocal papers and online resources are invaluable for residents to rely on.” 

The Bill aims to create a fair and competitive digital environment for news providers with a clear focus on supporting local journalism.

Watford Observer’s editor Michael Adkins said: "Our industry has been at the forefront of delivering local news to audiences for hundreds of years. 

"It's not just a business we run at the Watford Observer but a vital public service that hold authority to account, fights for our readers and keeps you informed through our newspapers and websites.

"Newsquest, publisher of the Watford Observer, staunchly fights for a level playing field and I'm really pleased that Dean Russell MP continues to offer his support in this way for our newspaper and other independent publications."